Carl Nelson's Photos
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    If you liked those great photo montage videos from our previous website, you'll love the ones that are on the video page of our new website.  I suspect it's because they are the same videos.

    Yes, Bob Reed's videos are back on the website.  For those of you who don't remember the videos and don't have access to a time machine, squint your eyes and reminisce with me.

    During principle photography on A/V, we were lucky to have a talented photographer, Carl Nelson, follow us around and document our production.  It was like having a good-natured stalker.  Bob Reed, our intrepid DP and production manager, took Carl's photos, assembled them with original music (by Bob Reed and Barry Smith) and voilą!

    Please stop by Carl's Imagekind page to check out all of the A/V production photos.

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