The Crew
    John Silva
    Formerly an infant, John is now a fully functioning adult. Although John has strung together many words in countless combinations, this is the first time one of these combinations yielded a story called A/V. Who knew? Currently, John is working on his bio for this website, which affords him the rare (and thrilling) opportunity to refer to himself in third person. Right, John?
    Will Chase
    Not much is known about Will Chase. He is an enigma wrapped in mystery, coated in a crisp candy shell. He was recently involved with the prize-wining short Posativa. A movie-production mover and shaker, “Will Chase” is not just his name, but indeed, his philosophy...
    Willow Kelly
    First Assistant Director
    Willow has a tin ear, a peg leg and a sweet tooth. She enjoys busking, spelunking and white water rafting. Turn-offs include bats, jagged rocks, copious amounts of swallowed river water and the ensuing giardia. An accomplished “improviser”, Willow can frequently be found lying to complete strangers at parties about her career and hobbies. On a recent hiatus from this activity, Willow has signed on to the film project AV in the hopes of gleaning new improv material. Look for Willow at a party near you.
    Andy Casper
    Location Manager
    Andy Casper was the human in the man and bowling ball program The Dave and Andy Show. Andy has done behind the scenes work in a wide variety of events from large rock concerts, visits from foreign dignitaries, to art gallery openings. Much to most people’s surprise (including Andy), Andy spent several years as a Military Police Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. “There are things that I have done that I am not proud of, there are things that I am proud of which I shouldn’t be, and somewhere in the middle is a small wind-up toy monkey crazily smashing cymbals together.
    Bob Reed
    Director of Photography/Production Manager
    Bob Reed is an award-winning videographer whose work has appeared on NBC, PBS, and Comedy-Central. He's thrilled to begin location-shooting and hopes that the court-ordered ankle-bracelet will be removed in time for him to do so . . .
    Justin Allis
    Sound Recording/Lighting Design
    He's a freakin' renaissance man!
    Arman Christoff Boyles
    Sound Design
    Arman Christoff Boyles career started as a Sound Designer in 1991 with a seven year stint as a recording engineer for the Los Angeles music, television and film industries. During which time he spent his summers recording classical music for the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado and subsequently NPR Performance today, WGBH Boston and WFMT Chicago. In 1998 he moved to Aspen, CO where he started Flickertista Productions and branched into video producing sketch comedy TV, Radio Theater, CDs and award winning short films. As a composer and musician he has scored for TV, short films, and has four albums with the progressive rock band Product as well as solo albums. In 2002 Arman moved operations to Aptos, CA where he continues providing professional audio and video services for the arts.
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