The Cast
    Duane [James Thrush] A successful salesman who can never quite find the time to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. It will take a tragic experience to shake him free from his routine life and allow him to see the light. Unfortunately, it's a buzzing fluorescent light.
    Baron [Andy Tribolini] Presentation specialist, bluesman, out of the box thinker. He “works” with Duane at La Fontana Hotel.
    Deborah [Kimberly Rai Cook] Banquets staff at La Fontana Hotel who, for better or worse, illustrates the old hospitality mantra, “ service with a smile.”
    Clive [John Fantasia] Presentation services manager and shepherd of excellence at La Fontana Hotel.
    Dan [Dale Aspelund] Presentation specialist, La Fontana Hotel. Specialty: audio. If you want your 800s removed from your sound, Dan is your man. If you don't know what an 800 is, he doesn't want to talk to you.
    Michael Sanders [J.P. Giuliotti] A writer and reluctant salesman plagued with limited vision.
    Rachel Sanders [Gretchen Black] Married to Michael Sanders, though lately she can't quite find the man she married.
    Gene Gillette [Will Chase] Enthusiastic sales manager and resident Twizzler aficionado at Teckorp.
    Dr. Ravenna [Karena Fredrick] Although she can charm you for hours with talk of your Sylvian fissures, but she may never get to know the real you.
    Nicki [Unyoung Kim] Card-carrying, cornstarch-dealing, presentation specialist at La Fontana Hotel. She has been to the Philippines.
    Mark [Tom McIntire] Yang to Nicki's Yin, pilot fish to Clive's shark, Mark is the presentation specialist who left that courtesy tab for you.
    Magda Johanssen [Machelle Allman] Intrepid television reporter whose name is difficult to contain within a lower-third graphic.
    Photographer [Michael Donovan] Committed to getting the perfect shot of his less than perfect subject.
    Solicitor [Terrell LeGrier] He is the last, best hope of the Northern Spotted Owl.
    Record Guy [Michael Delp] He doesn't sign cover acts, so don't ask.
    Homeless Guy [Andy Casper] He gets arrested. For nothing.
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